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Titanic - A Love Story Movie Review

Titanic - A Love Story Movie Review

Titanic' is a love story that captures the romance of two young lovers as the tragedy of the doomed vessel, RMS Titanic, unfolds around them. It was released in 1997 and was a great commercial and critical success, winning 11 Academy Awards (the first to do so since 'Ben Hur') and 3 Grammys.
It was was written, directed, co-produced, and co-edited by James Cameron, who also won the Academy Award for best director. 'Titanic' became the highest grossest movie of all time, earning $1.8 billion at the box office, until it was surpassed in 2010 by 'Avatar', another movie by James Cameron.
The story concerns two young people from different social classes - Leonardo DiCaprio appears as Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet has the role of Rose DeWitt Bukater - who fall in love while aboard the doomed maiden voyage of the Titanic in 1912. Although the love story is fictitious, many of the characters - crew and passengers - were based on those who were actually aboard the real vessel.
For instance, the brash Margaret "Molly" Brown (played by Kathy Bates) was famous for her heroic efforts (not shown in the movie) of trying to save drowning passengers. She later became known as the "Unsinkable Molly Brown".
There were many scenes in the movie, although only briefly touched on, which added greatly to the emotional impact of the inevitable sinking on passengers and crew. Two historical characters were Isador and Ida Strauss. Isador was a former owner of R.H. Macy and Company and was also a former NY Congressman. In the movie, his wife Ida has a chance of leaving the ship in a lifeboat but declines and returns to her husband, saying she will honor her wedding vow and remain with Isidor. She is last seen embracing him as they lie on a bed in their stateroom, with the water rushing in.
Layers of emotion are added with other scenes that depict obvious heroism by crew members. Joseph Bell, the Chief Engineer, and his men work desperately until the last moments to maintain the power for lights and so distress signals can be sent. All are lost.
Wallace Hartley, the bandmaster, and his orchestra, continue to play uplifting music to the very end, even as the ship sinks.
The two lovers, Rose and Jack, initially come together when he rescues her from a suicide attempt brought about by her despondency at a loveless engagement, having been pressured to marry a wealthy suitor, Cal, because of her family's financial needs.
Jack is scorned as inferior by Rose's mother and Cal but he does manage to attend a stuffy first-class dinner, where he renews his acquaintance with Rose and their bond deepens.
The next day, Rose defies her mother and Cal and goes to the bow of the ship where she meets Jack, realizes her feelings for him and the two passionately embrace. They then go to the privacy of Rose's stateroom and she asks him to sketch her wearing only the Heart of the Ocean, a blue diamond necklace which was an expensive engagement gift from Cal. She later leaves the sketch in Cal's safe.
While attempting to escape from Cal's bodyguard, Rose and Jack enter the cargo hold where they enter one of the cars stored there and make love on the back seat.
They witness the collision with the iceberg and overhear the lookouts discussing how serious it is. Rose and Jack decide to warn her mother and Cal but, in the meantime, Cal has discovered the nude sketch of Rose and furiously plants the necklace on Jack; then accuses him of stealing it. Jack is arrested and taken below deck, where he is handcuffed to a pipe.
The emotional elements of the 'Titanic' are very powerful, with the later scenes showing the aftermath of the collision, the desperate attempts of those aboard to find shelter on a lifeboat, or the brave acceptance of their fate. As there were not enough lifeboats, more than 1500 passengers and crew perished in this catastrophe. Throughout, the musical score strongly reflects their feelings and the dangers they face. The closing song, 'My Heart Will Go On' (sung by Celine Dion) won an Academy Award and two Grammies. Following the success of 'Avatar', a 3-D version of 'Titanic' will also be released.
Read more of the story of Rose and Jack and what happens to them here: Titanic A Love Story and also on this page: Titanic Romantic Movie.
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Titanic Exhibition Crashes into Atlanta

Titanic Exhibition Crashes into Atlanta

sk just about anyone and they know the basics of the story of the RMS Titanic. A maiden voyage out of Liverpool destined for New York laden with a cargo of priceless aristocracy that goes awry thanks to an oversized ice cube. But what about the people, the time, the era in which the great ship sank?

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at the Atlanta Civic Center hopes to shine light into the murky depths and answer those questions in detail. More than 300 objects from the Titanic will be on display to showcase the ill-fated 1912 excursion. But more than an exhibition, it's about the show, the experience and patrons are immersed in Titanic lore right from the start.

"We have been anxious to present Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in the city housing our world headquarters for several years and now look forward to giving Atlanta audiences a rare opportunity to experience an important piece of history," stated Arnie Geller, President and CEO of Premier Exhibitions, Inc. "In November all seven of our Titanic exhibitions will be touring around the world while we are once again thrilled to collaborate with the Atlanta Civic Center in bringing Titanic to our hometown."

Each attendee is given a boarding pass with the name of a passenger who actually sailed with the Titanic. It is then the patron's job to discover by the end of the exhibition tour whether or not the person belonging to the pass they hold survived or perished in the cold North Atlantic waters.

Much like the acclaimed Anne Frank in the World exhibit that recently closed at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Ga., the exhibit has taken the tact of constructing several immersive rooms from the ship including the first-class dining hall, the third-class quarters and a replica of a ship construction yard. Each area features personal effects from passengers brought up from the depths by Premier Exhibitions, the sole grantee of the rights to the wreck's excavation.

Incorporating an "in the moment" feel, the exhibit also includes sensory devices and specialized lighting to slowly dim and "sink" with the ship. At the end of the exhibition, patrons can actually touch a replica iceberg.

More than 17 million people have seen this traveling exhibition thus far in other cities.

Tickets to the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition are $20 for adults, $18 for seniors, and $16 for children, and are available through Ticketmaster.
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